On September 19, 2014, Lizzie joined fellow YouTuber and gamer Joey Graceffa in the famous Minecraft adventure map, Diversity. In the series the two conqour through the many different styles of challenges to reach the ending boss battles. Unfortunately, the series was never completed, as it ended on October 21, 2014, with it's last episode being the "Puzzle" challenge.

"Escape"- Episode One


At the begining of the episode, the two read the rules that they have found in the begining chest that all players find at the start of the game. After reading the rules they enter the the hub of the game and find a pressure plate. Joey decides to step on the pressure plate and he recieves some white wool. He is instructed to place the white wool inside the chest in the center of the room, and then the pair are instructed to "stand back".

With a small shift of blocks, another room is accessable, allowing Joey and Lizzie to choose a branch to begin. Choosing Joey's favorite version of green, Cyan, the pair step on the pressure plate together to start the challenge.

Both are teleported into a quartz room with buttons. Joey decided to press the blue button and gets greeted with an exploding creeper. With Lizzie giving good advice to be careful, Joey moves on to trying the green button. In the text chat, someone starts speaking to them saying, "You think you know me?" Lizzie presses the yellow button and a path opens up below them. When both fall down the passage there is another room made of quartz with four different paths to take. The episode continues with the two traveling through tons of rooms to find the exit.


When the two finally discover a hopper and have all of the peices of paper, Lizzie names a peice of paper "ESCAPE". Both are then taken to a seperate room with a voice telling them to get out. Joey goes inside the chest in the room and finds the cyan wool. Teleporting back to the hub, Joey places the wool in the central chest, forcing a cyan wool block in it's spot on the board.

More coming soon

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