One Life is a game and server created by fellow YouTube gamer yammy_xox. Lizzie's Season 2 debut was on June 2nd, 2017.


All players in the game are a part of a Ultra Hardcore based gamemode. If a player dies in an episode, they are automatically kicked from the server never to rejoin again until next season, the only exception is during the first five episodes where the player is granted extra chances to live instead of being kicked. Not only that, but hearts do not regenerate with a full food bar. In fact, the only way of replenishing the hearts is by Golden Apple or Potion of Regeneration, which both definitely take some time to acheive.

Season 2 Players












Lizzie's House


In this series, Lizzie decided to create a mermaid style castle. She was originally going to make a Rapunzel tower after it being suggested so many times in the comments, she went with a mermaid castle instead. This descision is understandable due to the fact that a tower isn't the best option for a house in a game where you only have one life.

Mermaid Palace

After going over some choices in the comments, she decided to go with the mermaid palace and constructed the buiding in the third episode of the series which premiered on June 18th, 2017.


Lizzie decided to use the colors pink, yellow, and blue for her palace, and added white wings on the side. The main structure is made of Magenta Clay Shingles from the Quark mod, the basic roof outline is made out of Light Blue Clay Shingle Stairs from the Quark mod, the yellow star is made of Yellow Clay Shingles from the Quark Mod, the floor and ceilings are made of regular vanilla Acacia Wood Planks, and the wings on the side are made of White Quilted Wool from the Quark mod as well.

Around the outside there is a large fence around the outside compiled of different Magic Wood blocks. On the bottom there is a Magic Wood block, with a Magic would fence peice on top, and a Magic Wood slab above it to finish it off. There are also several gated entryways around the front, back, and sides of the house. The very front entrance has two skeleton banners LIzzie achieved from a pirate ship. She has also strung blue fairy lights on the top of all the entrances.


In Lizzie's backyard, she has decided to include lots of Jacaranda trees with sparkling yellow and purple fairy lights in between the trunks. There is also a single magic tree of Lizzie's own design onthe side. Around the outer edges of her house she has added a water moat with flowered lilly pads floating on the surface, with a drawbridge in the center so she can access her yard.

On the wall of the left side entrance, there is a small raised cactus farm all along the left side of the gate, while on the other side of the gate, there is a very small square watermelon farm with a hole of water in the middle.

Near the front entrance, there is a fenced off wheat a pumpkin farm with a scarecrow within the area to fend off any deadly evils. Near the Jacaranda trees there is an area Lizzie built for her skeleton horse Mr. Boney.


In the front corner of the palace is a sort of smelting and crafting station. There are four normal furnaces and a grinder for duplicating ore on the bottom left side, with a crafting table next to it. Next to the crafting table is an anvil, with the fourth furnace resting next to it.

Against the right wall of the house, there are twelve double chests and two single chests, each chest sorted with pecific items in them such as Mob Drops or Saplings or other items.

On the back left wall of the house, there is an enchantment station with two bloack tall rainbow bookcases.


The modpack all players are equipped with is known as the InsaneVanilla++ modpack created by programmer and gamer Insane. This modpack includes the mods,

Achievement Books 




Aroma Backup 

Baby Mobs 

Bed Bugs


Better Than Bunnies 

Better Than Llamas 

Better Title Screen 



Color Utility 

Craft Tweaker 

Emergent Villages

 Expanded Bonemeal


Fullscreen Windowed Borderless 

Giacomo's Bookshelf 

Giacomo's Foundry

Giacomo's Compass 

Giacomo's Teleport Mod 

Giacomo's Maps 

GoG Skybox 

Hunger Persistance 





Pam's Harvestcraft 

Passthrough Signs 



ReAuth Mod 

Roguelike dungeons

Rough Mobs

Simple Grinder 

Sound Filters

The "No breaking sound or particle effect for Tools and Armor" Fixer a.k.a. The Mojang Fixer (MC-2518) 

The Spice Of Life 

Vending Block



Wearable Backpacks 


# Title Thumbnail
1 Evil Chickens Attack!-
2 Eaten Alive by Bats!-
3 My Mermaid Palace-
4 The Nether Sucks!-
5 We Must Find a Melon!-
6 A Magical Wall-
Maxresdefault (2)-0

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